Best Free Waiver and Assumption of Risk Templates

Free waiver templates

Looking for a waiver template with assumption of risk clauses to help you get started? We’ve got you – The WaiverForever team has searched the web for the best free waiver forms from around the web by industry/category, so you don’t have to.

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Please note that we do not recommend using any of these waivers without first consulting a lawyer. They can ensure that the wording and language are appropriate for your business and conform to the law in your area/country.

Free Liability Waiver Templates by Category

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Release of Liability Waiver Templates (Hold Harmless Agreements)

Printable Contracts

Rocket Lawyer

Sample Templates

Photography and Video Waivers (Model Release Forms)

Legal Templates

Southeastern Louisiana University

Studio Binder

Venue and Studio Release Forms

Event Waivers



Spa Waivers

Oil and Sheets (Massage)

My Massage World

Oasis Spa

Sports Waivers

SADLER (Adult)

SADLER (Minors)

Sport New Zealand

Coaching Waivers

OAX Life Coaching

International Coach Federation

Medical Waivers



Tattoo Waivers

Allen Financial Insurance Group

Painfulpleasures Inc.

Test Drive Agreement Waiver



Fitness and Gym Waivers

Disclaimer Website


Personal Training Waivers

IDEA Health & Fitness Association

Total Coaching

Yoga Waivers


Yoga Hive LLC

Yoga Activist

Dance & Zumba Waivers

Calories Burned HQ

Dance Studio Pro

Martial Art Waivers

At Your Business

Race / Running / Triathalon Waivers

Empire Tri Club


Hartford Marathon

NEPA Runner


Adventure Indoor Playground Waivers

Cossio Insurance Agency

Kidz Plaza Indoor Playground

ATV / Vehicle Adventure Waivers

Talsma’s Trail Park

Bike Rental and Tour Waivers

Cedar Rapids Bike Shop

Steven’s Bicycles

Climbing Waivers

Alaska Rock Gym

Escape Room Waivers

Escape Code

Horseback Riding Waivers

Bay Area Equestrian Network


The Horse

Paintball and Laser Tag Waivers

Cossio Insurance Agency

PDF Filler

Outdoor Adventure Waivers

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park 

Sourced Adventures

Weber State University

Shooting Range / Hunting Waivers

Bar SZ Ranch

Hot Brass Firearm and Bow Range

Skydiving Waivers

MIT Skydiving Club 

Start Skydiving

Snorkeling, SCUBA and Boating Waivers

Crystal River Watersports

Oversea Insurance Agency

Scuba Center

Watersports and Jet Ski Waivers

O’Town Watersports

Ultimate Watersports

Zipline Waivers

PDF Filler

Zipline Canopy Tours of Blue Ridge, LLC

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