The Importance of Electronic Waivers in the Digital Age

paperless waivers

Where there’s an emphasis on cleanliness and safety, such as in the fitness, spa, and tattoo industries, there’s a need for electronic waivers. Reap the many possible rewards by implementing paperless waivers.

Digital waivers versus paper waivers

For a long time, paper waivers were the only option. They were what businesses relied on to ensure they weren’t liable for certain circumstances that might happen when using their product or service. But with the rise of the internet and advancing technology, digital waivers slowly took over, and their use is increasing.

Adopting digital waivers has many benefits, from small perks to business-altering advantages. While paper waivers are limited to their physical copy which must then be added manually to a system, paperless waivers have infinite possibilities. Automation can take over and all necessary information can be kept and managed in an online waiver system.

The perks of using an online waiver system

Handling digital waivers and an online waiver system benefits each section of an organization: the company, employees, and customers. For optimal performance and growth, each of these segments must be nurtured and provided with what they expect in a digital age. Paperless waivers can do that.

Benefits for the company

  1. Organization

No longer do companies have to find a way to store thousands of paper waivers. Digital waivers don’t require storage. They’re kept in an online waiver system that can easily organize the waivers in a way the business finds efficient and easy to understand.

  1. Automation

Digital waivers don’t have to be input into an online waiver system unlike when paper waivers and online systems were trying to work together. When a digital waiver is signed, its contents are automatically uploaded and organized into the system.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Businesses that strive to be environmentally conscious can add using digital waivers to their list. Not only will they look professional using available technology, but they’ll also be using less paper.

  1. Security

Online waiver systems offer added security paper waivers don’t. Paper waivers can easily be lost, ruined, or deemed unusable. Digital waivers are saved in an online forum that can be accessed whenever a lawyer needs something.

  1. Data management

The larger the business and the more customers they have, the more data they have to manage. This can be difficult to do with moving parts, but online waiver systems keep all the necessary information together and are accessible to anyone in the company that needs it.

  1. Savings

Lastly, companies can switch out their printing costs for the cost of an online waiver system. Reduce the costs of printing, storage, and effort.

Benefits for employees

  1. Less work

Employees won’t have to worry about walking customers through the waiver process and they’ll have more time to work on what they do best.

  1. Reduced contact

Just like customers, employees value reduced contact, especially since a customer might come in a few times, but employees are at work every day, constantly around others.

  1. Team efficiency

With the extra time, teams can work together to get bigger projects done or help each other with other tasks. They’ll also become more efficient by accessing the online waiver system to check customer information whenever needed.

Benefits for customers

  1. Faster check-ins

Digital waivers can be signed on phones, kiosks, tablets, and more. This makes the process faster, doesn’t require supervision, and can get the customer into the establishment faster.

  1. Touch-free

Customers will also benefit from a touch-free solution. By signing waivers on their phones, they reduce the chances of touching surfaces many other people have touched.

  1. Seamless experience

Digital waivers take a lot of overhead out of the process of using a product or service. Using them creates a more seamless experience customers will appreciate and want to continue experiencing.

  1. Sign from anywhere

Digital waivers give customers the ability to sign a waiver from anywhere: on the go, at home, or on vacation. If they’re signing for someone else, it means they won’t have to spend time going to the establishment; or if signing for themselves, they can do it whenever is convenient for them.

If you haven’t already, get on board with digital waivers and see all these benefits firsthand. Offer what people are expecting—their lives are made easier thanks to technology. For more on digital waivers, check out WaiverForever.