The Event Check-in App That Saves You Countless Headaches

Event check-in app

If you’re looking for a premier solution to streamline event check-in and allow guests to sign off on agreements quickly – look no further. 

WaiverForever was created to help streamline the document signing and sign-in process. Our user interface has been designed from the ground up to eliminate check-in bottlenecks while also providing powerful features for event coordinators and business owners to keep track of their guests and market to them.

Whether you’re running a major conference or trade show, adventure tour company or sporting event – WaiverForever has you covered.

Here’s How WaiverForever streamlines your event check-in

Top-Rated Sign-in App

Our sign-in and waiver agreement app is top-rated on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can design your participation form or waivers using our drag-and-drop interface in-app or on your browser, and present them to guests using any mobile device. Your documents are easy to read, and sign-in is simple. Forms can also be configured so that guests can also sign in their +1s or dependents.

Our app can also be set to kiosk mode so that you can direct participants to sign in as they enter your facility.

Advance Check-in via E-Mail

Along with our sign-in app, users can also sign in via browser on the day or in advance. Our customer management dashboard lets you select a group that has provided you with their email addresses, and send them the form to sign ahead of the event. This ensures that the group is ready to roll as soon as they arrive – and our app will also advise you of any participants that still need to sign.

Sign With a Finger or Type a Digital Signature

Users can sign acknowledgment by using their finger, or you can set up a public key infrastructure (PKI) so the user can sign by typing their name. WaiverForever uses the latest security and electronic signature compliance protocols so your participants can sign with no worry.

Copies of Signed Documents Sent to Participants

Every participant that signs in will automatically have a digital copy of the signed form sent to the e-mail address provided. This way both you and the user have a full copy of the agreement signed in the event of a dispute.

Other WaiverForever Features That Benefit Event Coordinators and Business Owners

Photo Capture

Using the waiver app for sign-in allows you to capture the participant’s face. This adds an extra layer of security for your event, as well as additional compliance should identity come into question.

Survey Questions

Want to learn more about your customers? Our form builder allows you to add any number of additional questions to your sign-in form as a multiple-choice, drop down, or text entry field. You can then view and visualize the results of these survey questions in the analytics dashboard.

Customer and Analytics Dashboards

Our customer management dashboard provides you with a central hub to manage the profiles of customers and the waivers they signed. Here you can quickly group, export and contact customers who signed a waiver – along with other useful features.

Our analytics dashboard allows you to make smarter business decisions. By learning when, why and how they are accessing your business, you can better engage loyal customers and reach new ones. WaiverForever’s analytics reports are fully-customizable to show the insights you need with color-coded graphs and charts. Reports are easily exported as PDFs to share with other decision-makers.

Integrate Sign-ins With Your Existing Marketing Tools

Along with our own customer management tools, WaiverForever provides native integration with various CRMs and e-mail solutions such as MailChimp and Constant Contact. We also integrate with Zapier, which allows you to connect your customer data to thousands of other third-party tools.

Try WaiverForever For Free Today

WaiverForever is a premier event sign-in app that is also designed to help you scale future events. If you’re curious if WaiverForever is right for you but aren’t ready to commit – great news:

Our trial plan is completely free and never expires. 

No credit card required!

Try us out today and you’ll quickly see why we’re the ideal sign-in solution. Not to mention that all paid plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Congratulations! Your event sign-in process just got a whole lot easier.