Here’s How a Free Legal Waiver Form Can Be Just As Effective as a Paid One

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Need a release of liability form for your new business and wondering where to get started? 

All new business owners are bootstrapping in one way or another. It’s highly likely that despite the advice you’ve read to hire a law firm to help you write a digital waiver, you simply couldn’t afford legal advice. 

The good news is that when you’re just starting, there’s plenty of free waiver form templates available online and plenty of free waiver services as well – though none as generous as WaiverForever. 

Our free plan is a great starting point for any business that only needs a small number of online release forms signed a month. We don’t ask you for any credit card information, and your free plan never expires. We want you to be confident in our solution so that when your business scales up, you’ll sign on to one of our paid tiers with confidence.

Read on to learn more about how to start creating your first free waiver online using a template and the benefits our free and paid plans provide to help grow your business.

What to Look For in a Free Electronic Waiver Template

Type in “waiver form template” in Google, and you’ll find no shortage of templates you can use for your industry. But you can’t just pull any waiver off the web and expect it to work for your business.

There are a few different things you need to consider to make sure your waiver is legally enforceable. Be sure to consider these factors when choosing a template:

Make Sure You Use Your Business Name and Address

When choosing a waiver template, the biggest mistake you could make would be not to replace the business name and address. A waiver is a contract between you and the person signing, so if your business information is not correct, the waiver would be void.

Choose a Waiver From a Business From Your State / Province and Country

The laws regarding the language required in a waiver and their enforceability vary wildly from state to state and across different countries. If possible, you should choose a waiver template from a local business to ensure your waiver doesn’t have any legal loopholes.

Choose a Waiver Specific to Your Industry

A skydiving business will have completely different considerations than a gym as the risks are entirely different. Waivers need to be able to set out specific risks for your business, so the reader can release you of liability in the event of personal injury or damage.

Need a Starting Point For Your Free Waiver Search?

Looking for a waiver template with an assumption of risk clause to help you get started? We’ve got you – The WaiverForever team has searched the web for the best free waiver forms from around the web by industry/category, so you don’t have to.

Download Our Best Free Waiver and Assumption of Risk Templates Here

These templates are a great starting point, but make sure you also consider the guidelines above. Once you have your waiver form ready to roll, it’s easy to get set up in WaiverForever with your unlimited free plan.

Unpacking the WaiverForever Free Plan

Many of our customers find us after using another waiver solution and are pleasantly surprised by how versatile our solution is. 

Our Unlimited Free Starter Plan Provides:

  • Up to 20 signed waivers per month
  • Use of our free waiver form app with one offline device
  • One stored waiver template
  • Analytics for the last seven days
  • One third-party integration
  • Use of our online PDF form builder

As previously mentioned, you can use our free plan for as long as you like – if you never need more than 20 waivers signed per month, you don’t need to upgrade!  Even better, if you have any concerns at all after switching to a paid plan, we offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

The real advantage of WaiverForever that you won’t find with our competitors is in the form builder, free waiver app, and marketing tools we make available to all tiers of customers – including the free plan.

Want to learn more about how we compare to our competitors? Read our breakdown of the best free online waiver services for 2021. Otherwise, read on to learn more about the various features you get access to with your free WaiverForever plan!

Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

Our waiver builder uses a hassle-free drag and drop system. To add fields, simply click the one you want from the lefthand menu and drag it into place. As you build, you can see what your waiver will look like with our live preview. Once you add a field, you can use arrow buttons to shift its location on the page.

All fields can be used multiple times and edited. For example, you can use various name fields below the primary signatory to sign in their children. All areas you add can either be mandatory or optional. 

Fields are also validated and will prompt users to fix a mistake, such as an incorrectly formatted email. You can also add your logo and brand elements as well!

WaiverForever also allows you to add custom questions to your waiver to collect information about your customers. You can add these survey questions in a short answer text field or multiple-choice questions that allow for a single answer or multiple answers. You can then use our waiver analytics dashboard (featured below) to generate professional, color-coded reports that provide insight into your customers.

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Free Waiver App

All business owners appreciate solutions that make administrative processes hassle-free and straightforward. We created our free waiver app to work across different devices so you can get liability waivers and other online forms signed anywhere, at any time, and finally eliminate the need for a literal paper trail.

The best part? Our waiver app is entirely free to download for all users, including those taking advantage of our unlimited free trial. 

Sign waivers on any mobile device, or set it up as a kiosk app for east self-sign in on any tablet.

Download our free waiver app on the Google Play and Apple app stores:

PDF Form Uploader

Are you looking for an online waiver solution that will let you easily use your existing branded paper waiver forms or PDFs? 

WaiverForever’s new PDF Form Builder means you can easily upload your polished forms for your waiver exports.

Users will fill out the form fields as with our standard platform. They then digitally sign with a mouse or their finger, and, voila – a PDF waiver is exported in your template! These PDFs are then stored for you in our secure cloud-based waiver management system along with the digital signature security certificate, with the option of automatically emailing the customer a copy as well. 

Waiver Management System

WaiverList lets you easily view all of the waivers associated with your business. Using our various filters provides you with the power to keep yourself organized and quickly answer critical operational questions. 

Each waiver is also associated with a customer profile, and clicking the waiver allows you to view that profile on the My Customers page.

WaiverList Waiver Management System 1

My Customers Dashboard

The My Customers dashboard provides the ability to quickly group, export, and contact customers who signed a waiver. You can group customers for easy reference or email and phone marketing campaigns. 

You can also easily export contact information and click on a client to view every waiver they have signed at your business.

waiverforever my customers

Customer Analytics

With real-time analysis tools, WaiverForever helps you better understand your customers’ behavior with interactive visual data. Our analytics dashboard provides you with a simple report to assist the business decision-making process. You can select data ranges and filter results, seek business insights from short survey questions and stay ahead of your competitors.

Growing Rapidly? Pay Only For The Number of Waivers You Need

WaiverForever’s paid plans have a low monthly base cost and a smart usage cost. You only pay for the number of waivers you use.

Our popular Business plan for midsized companies starts at only $19.99 a month, plus the usage charge.

Amount of waivers used.Total monthly cost
600 waivers$68.99 USD
1,000 waivers$100.99 USD
2,000 waivers$164.99 USD
WaiverForever pay per waiver pricing on business plan

Give WaiverForever a Try Today

We hope this guide has convinced you to sign up for WaiverForever’s free starter plan. Even if you try the other online waiver solutions as well, we’re confident you’ll quickly recognize the value of WaiverForever’s robust suite of tools.

If you’re ready to give us a try, sign up for your free online waiver account here!