WaiverList: Our Powerful Waiver Management System

Waiverlist waiver management system organized

Are you still relying on printed liability waivers? Experiencing the agony of filing those waivers and then having to dig them up later?

Save trees and your sanity with WaiverForever, the premiere electronic waiver signing platform. 

WaiverList is our new waiver management system view, and the latest feature available to all WaiverForever customers.  This new dashboard lets you view every waiver stored for your business, along with its status. 

The addition of WaiverList and our recently announced My Customers page to our waiver CRM provides you with even more ways to streamline your business.

WaiverList Waiver Management System 1

What Can I do With WaiverList?

WaiverList lets you easily view all of the waivers associated with your business. Using our various filters provides you with the power to keep yourself organized and quickly answer important operational questions. Each waiver is also associated with a customer profile, and clicking the waiver allows you to view that profile on the My Customers page.

Waivers can be sorted by signed date, template name, device type used to sign, geo-location, signing status, customer name, and any other field you added to your waiver. You can also filter by any of these fields to quickly find relevant customers. Any waivers that you no longer need in your system can be deleted here as well.

When sending waivers by email in advance of a group arrival, you can quickly view the approved, pending, or revoked status of a waiver. This lets you keep on top of those stragglers who still need to sign. Waivers can be starred so that they can be found again at a moment’s notice. You can also add notes manually to any waiver for future reference, and tag waivers so you can design new filters for quick searches.

You can also sort waivers by the answers to the questions you added as a dropdown or multiple choice question. This can help you easily find waivers that are associated with specific customer types, and group or download those waivers for reference. This also lets you easily find the answer to questions such as who in a group has a dietary restriction or chronic injury.

Our Waiver CRM Platform Keeps Growing

WaiverList is the latest addition to our waiver CRM, but we won’t stop there. You can soon expect to see more powerful additions to our platform that streamline your business even further.

For those who are new to WaiverForever, give us a try. We offer a free trial plan and also a 30-day money-back guarantee on paid plans. You will have access to WaiverList, My Customers page, and other powerful features like customer analytics and our waiver app.

We would also love to hear your feedback on WaiverList and any of our other new features. If you have any comments or suggestions, be sure to contact us using our customer chat.